About us


The Chefs

The Grenadine was around for many years until, in March 2009, chef Alex Duchastel de Montrouge bought it and made it his new home. Chef Nicolas Beaupré joined him last year and the two of them offer you a twist on french cuisine, made-in-montreal, in the relaxed ambiance of a BYOB. Inspiring themselves from the city they both grew up in, the chefs take classic french food and modernize it using local and exotic ingredients.

The Cuisine

French cuisine is a style that is rich, decadent and with a high degree of attention to detail. In order to keep the richness inherent to this food, they use different flavor profiles from around the world to lighten and customize their menu. Pickles, marinades, spices and a multitude of other techniques all work together to create a fine balance and marriage of textures, tastes and colours that complement each other in each plate.

One of their pleasures is using interesting products (snails, frog’s legs) in new and intriguing ways to promote the diversity of cultures that this metropolis has to offer. Sourcing their products as locally as possible, both chefs try to be as eco-conscious as possible and, also, wish to promote the excellence of Québec’s culinary products.